The Desire System- The Ultimate Training Course

The Desire System is a training course offered by Dr. David Tian. It involves text and video training sessions. It motivates men of all backgrounds and abilities to become confident social masters and it allows to them to become desirable among members of the opposite sex. The course provides strategies, techniques, tips and even community training for men to become social leaders.

Do not be carried away with rumors that by going through the Desire System, you can become one wild seduction machine. This training program is all about gaining confidence in your virility and your ability to become desirable among women. The training program teaches you that investment in yourself is the best you will ever make in terms of time and money. Turning yourself into a better man is really worth it!

David Tian is a Doctor in Philosophy from the Aura Dating Academy and he is the developer of this program. It has catapulted his position as the most prominent dating coach in Asia. He has devised a course that plunges deep into discovering yourself psychologically.

David Tian initially taught the Desire System course in Singapore as a seminar. It was attended by many people and they paid a hefty sum to be there. The recording of this seminar evolved into a full-fledged training course.

It is an emotionally mature and a thoroughly effective system for attracting women and enhancing the quality of your relationships with them and with all serious aspects in life. The course is perfect for men who are willing to put in their best effort to change the way they look at their dating life and how they experience it and it is also ideal for those men who are keen on self-improvement and growing in maturity. People who are intellectually minded would love the course. It is great for both the beginners and the intellectuals and advanced students who want to particularly enhance their emotional impact with people and women, especially.


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Desire System is inspired by Emotional Contagion

It is inspired by what is popularly referred to as Emotional Contagion. The principle behind this system is based on the concept that people have different emotions with every individual they meet. It implies that when you meet a particular person, your emotions may be thick and that you find that person very sexy and a sexual tension builds up. As emotions are considered to be contagious, they can be transferred easily from one individual to another, just like a yawn or a common cold. Not many people are aware of this phenomenon.

The training program devised as it gives you the power to suggest different emotions in people, at will or command. Just imagine what such a power can do to you and the impact it will have on you. To evoke deep emotions, you have to first feel them deeply in your heart and be in full sync with those emotions. It involves a powerful type of an eye contact; it will create and stir positive motions in a woman.


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What does the Desire System Package involve?

It involves training material. You will get, just for $69, hundreds of hours worth of material that involves written guides, community forum posts and videos which offer you training in depth. This training program is appreciated by several members who love being part of the Desire System and its community. Many self-development experts has endorsed this training program and the builders of this package along with Dr. David Tian have worked with these experts in constantly developing creative ideas and adding them to this system. The community members are busy helping one another with an unlimited one on one support.


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Desire System is a Program for Building Social Skills

The Desire System has been hailed as a training program that helps men become better and socially stronger. It is being suggested as a world class social skills and confidence building program. It has a community of over sixty five thousand active men.

Many people struggle with the building up of confidence in their lives. It is necessary to perceive confidence for what it really amounts to. It is the belief and knowledge that you can accomplish what you set your mind to do. There comes a time when you feel you can achieve something but you realize it later that you cannot be successful in what you started to do. This is a big demoralizing factor and it takes a while to figure out how you can get your mindset back in that positive direction for you to succeed. No one is always successful in life. It does not happen always. We fail in certain things in our lives. We do not achieve success without falling on our faces many times. It is a simple process of life and once you get over the fear of being rejected and you continue to try, you will succeed eventually. With this mentality that is taught by the Desire System, confidence can be bred because you become tough and you know that you will keep on trying when you fail until you succeed.

It is not easy to develop this kind of an attitude and it involves pushing yourself to the limits that are well outside of your familiar comfort zone. Once you build up your confidence of being tough through the Desire System and you are willing to try hard, people around you rub a little confidence off you.


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Desire System teaches you to dress well in order to become desirable

It tells us that dressing well can boost your self confidence and helps you to become desirable among women. When you dress well for any occasion, it becomes an important tool to build up self-confidence. With the right clothes, you feel on the top of the world. It may take a lot of cash investment to pull it off but when you are on a tighter budget, you can still do it. There are several discount stores where you can find the latest and hottest styles and still save your money. These stores offer branded clothes and the world runs on brands. When you do online shopping for clothes, you will realize that you can save money because these stores have very little overhead. Finding the right clothes online is not at all difficult nowadays. When you look for the hottest and trendy clothes, you can also save by looking for sales and get what you want at discounted prices. You can keep checking regularly for sales at your local stores. There will be numerous clearance items that may be right for you.


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Desire System teaches you to say the right things to women

There are few things that some women may find extremely offensive when they are told to them. This is what we learn from the Desire System training program. If you say offensive things to women, there is a high likelihood that women would be angry at you and they may walk out of your life. No one can make a comprehensive list of what may be offensive to women but certain things are commonly non-starters.

Women do not like being old about their weight and they become self-conscious about their body and their image. Anything being said about their obesity, for example, may be taken as a negative and would upset them. Even if women look big in certain dresses, you will have to tell them that they look good and they do not look big.

If you are out on a date and if your girl friend insists on paying the tab, it is better to allow her to do that. You may feel that she may be appreciative of your insistence on paying the bill, but it may not be the case; she may look at it as encroachment on her independence. Things have changed considerably down the generations.

When you talk to women, they should feel your emotion and get affected by them. The Desire System by Dr. David Tian is the latest course which attempts to explore on how men can use their emotions to improve their interactions with various women and their ability to connect and attract with women on intense levels. This course teaches you the system model on how to transfer your state of emotions to a woman so that she is in a position to feel exactly how you feel about her.

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Parts of the Desire System Course

The Desire System course is made up of two parts. The first part is labeled as `Desire’. It teaches you about the emotional activation system model devised by Dr. David Tian and how it will work. The second part of the course is labeled as `Lust’ and the course will explain about how you can implement it.

At the very beginning of the Desire System course, you will start to get a feel about how much research and knowledge has gone into this training program. Throughout this entire course, Dr. Tian offers academic as well as other references so that you can follow up with a little more intricate detail if you wish at a later stage. The course evolves from simple and easy study videos with actors doing role play and it expands to Harvard-based online courses that are more in-depth and technical.

Dr. Tian has developed his own insights in the Desire System from a vast variety of sources that include dating coaches, pickup artists, actors and relationship psychologists. Dr. David Tian keeps on making references to these sources during the progression of the course. Some of the famous sources for the program are Owen Cook’s Blueprint Decoded, Swing Cat’s Real World Seduction, Erik von Markovik’s Mystery Method, Russell Brand and Robert Greene’s Art of Seduction.

It is not just a quick-fix to get you girls; it is a sophisticated training course which is targeted at the real thinking man. This is not a package for those men that are not interested in improving themselves and for those who are not fond of always thinking throughout their lives.

The nature of the course deals with exploring and then overpowering your emotions. It may not look like an easy or a fun task at the beginning to you but we have insecurities and emotional issues in our lives along with anger and past regrets. This course helps tackle all these issues and makes you desirable to women when you begin to feel like a complete man. Dr. David Tian warns that these are the strong issues which may block your attempt at using it.

You have to fix all these issues if you want to achieve something from this Desire System. The questions that need to be asked are about your willingness to tackle such issues. You have to become emotionally aware and look at these serious aspects of your life. During this course, here is an emphasis on long term goals, more than just the attraction of women. Maturity is the greatest benefit that you can derive from it and it is the major key to your success in the future and how you use the Desire System.

Though the implementation of this system in your life may not be an easy task, it will certainly make you focus on building a more satisfying and a happy life. Throughout this course, the word `happiness’ is used repeatedly by Dr. David Tian. This training course could very well be considered as a program that teaches you emotional maturity. It is part of the ultimate goal of this program that helps you to translate the results not only in terms of being desirable for women but also succeeding in various aspects of your life.

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Coping with Lust in the Desire System

Your emotions cannot be explained easily. It is a difficult and an intangible subject. The Desire System and particularly its second part on `Lust’ tell you all about how to implement tools and breaking down your approach to lust in various process stages and making them more manageable and simpler to apply. Communicating with your emotions in an effective way is a big part of this implementation process. Lust offers you a good approach and a mindset for knowing how to use the Desire System.

In the second section of the course, Dr. David Tian offers you some intensely personal stories and he succeeds in illustrating the techniques that help in overcoming serious issues in life. This could be very valuable to you as learners and these stories will inspire you to face your challenges and fix them. This may not be a one-stop kind of fix but it will definitely be an approach to dating and life in general that can be made simpler with the right mindset.

The material that is offered to you in this course engages you and makes it easy for you to learn. It helps in bringing the advice of Dr. David Tian alive in many entertaining forms. This is made possible with the use of videos and humorous references to various celebrities. Dr. Tian has added many personal anecdotes of his own to make it interesting for you. He has performed various live demonstrations with his own girlfriend in the training program. These experiences would range from meeting a girl for the first time in various types of scenarios to varied emotional situations in life. It goes a long way in helping you to leverage your existing knowledge in an effective way.

Many learners who are already familiar with all kinds of dating advice will come across familiar concepts throughout the System. Some students may even find some themes taken from the Blueprint Decoded if they have studied that particular course.

There is a bonus sex video called `Lust Worthy’ with Christian Hudson in the training material. This video is of about seventy minutes’ duration and is quite the highlight of the Desire System course for men who are in relationships. This video, specifically, should not be missed during the course of the training. It gives you plenty of mature and practical advice on how you can bring your emotions into your love life. Some of the most important counseling includes a `Sex Talk Template’ that many men have serious difficulties with in their lives and they try to avoid these issues. This video is the crux of the `Lust’ part of it and should not be avoided, if possible. Things could not have been made simpler for you and once you go through it, you will realize that that there is no excuse for avoiding it in the future. Talk about sex is a necessary aspect of a relationship with a woman and in terms of the development of your sex life.

This bonus section is an ideal fit for the remainder of the course. It will demonstrate the importance of the emotional techniques spelt out by Dr. David Tian, both in the bedroom and in your relationships. It goes far beyond just the stages of how to attract women even though being desirable to women is the focus of this course.


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Desire System Testimonies

All people who have gone through the course have agreed that it is effective and useful. Dr. David Tian has been successful in projecting the emotional activation model system.

They have found not only strategies offered to them but they have also found a community that has helped them grow and become mature. Once people go through this course, it becomes their go-to guide. These are training guides where you can actually sit through without losing interest. You will learn something new and exciting with every passing minute.

It has been hailed as an excellent course that can help you make an emotional impact in relationships and seduction. It is an efficient system to leverage your emotions, particularly with women. It offers you a practical approach and looks more natural when compared with other similar courses.

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Join Desire System

It is recommended that you buy this course so that you build up your self-confidence and become desirable among women. You can also take advantage of the Membership Section to ask questions to Dr. Tian. The questions and answer bonus is generally about experiencing sex for the first time with women and about hitting it off with women on the first date.

This course is highly recommended for you if you are currently feeling de-emotionalized and rather unconnected with women in particular. Are you going through constant problems with being dissatisfied in relationships? Are your relationships not lasting beyond a few months? Then it is for you and you can learn to face challenges and tackle tough emotions and free them up so that you can bring them out effectively into your dating and sex life. There is plenty of material in this course to help you do this.

Come and join those sixty five thousand men in its community forums and learn about new techniques and hot advice. You can join the live training with members of its community and make use of the live video sessions and real world interactions. You will not face rejections as you had done before you enlisted for this course. This training program guarantees that you will never get rejected once you successfully complete the course.

There is a no questions asked money-back guarantee within a year of your subscribing for the Desire System. It is available for $69 only. There are no monthly payments and it is great value for the money being asked. You may not have come across such an effective system for attracting women and enhancing the quality of your relationships with them. You can make this happen by activating and triggering your emotions and also those of the women who come in contact with you. Desire System will help you have a huge emotional impact on women and people in general.

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